A red wine blend of Saperavi grapes from the country of Georgia. Pairs beautifully with grilled or roasted meats, hearty vegetables, pizzas and flatbreads, and of course, great friends!

Tasting Notes

My goal with the Lost Eden Red Blend is to find the perfect balance between modern and traditional Georgian winemaking practices. Bringing the two sides together illustrates the quality as well as the evolution of winemaking in my country.
Initially in the glass, you’ll notice the same fragrant, aromatic array found in mulberry, cherry and blackberry with overtones of wild violet flowers. Distinct for its deep, midnight purple color and crimson highlight, the taste on the palate is smooth and silky, with layers of black fruit that will evolve with age. The finish is bright and memorable, as pure as the famous garden where it was first discovered.

Lado Uzunashvili, 11th generation winemaker